Fulfillment: Outsourcing vs. In-House 

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Are you having the internal debate within your company? Here are some important things to consider. Craig Lennon at Ship-Right Solutions

Packing your monthly boxes, and shipping, is a fundamental element of your subscription business. Should you outsource fulfillment or keep it in-house?

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Source: SubscriptionSchool.com

Canada Post labor dispute update

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Canada Post announced that they are fully prepared to negotiate extensively for the next 30 days under an extended “cooling off period” to reach negotiated settlements with the CUPW. If both parties are unable to successfully come to an agreement during this time, both must agree to binding arbitration.

In the event of a full labor disruption, Canada Post will not accept or deliver any mail or parcel items.  If this happens, our plan at IMEX will be to continue to receive and process our client’s Canada-bound shipments.

  • Any shipments destined to Canada using USPS services will continue to route in this manner and USPS will be holding all mailings until the labor disruption is over.
  • All Canada Post direct Parcel shipments will continue to be processed at our IMEX facilities and sorted by our five strategic deposit locations within Canada. IMEX will continue to truck our parcel shipments into Canada on a weekly basis and will store near these CPC deposit locations in a secure warehouse so that all parcels will be posted regionally as soon as the labor disruption is resolved.


  • All Canada Post direct mailings (not Parcels), will continue to be processed, staged and stored at our secure IMEX facilities.Once the labor disruption is over, we will deposit mailings into Canada Post.
  • Courier shipments destined to Canada are not affected by this potential labor disruption.

Please note that if there is a full disruption of service due to a labor dispute, there will be a backlog for Canada Post to process and deliver.  Transit times for all mail and parcel services will be affected, but delivered as quickly as possible once operations resume. Please visit https://www.canadapost.ca/update to keep informed on the developments of the discussions between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.