11 Indicators to Keeping 3PL Service High

TruckThere are many advantages to using third-party logistics (3PL) for order fulfillment, system support and customer service for omnichannel businesses. Companies can achieve competitive costs; avoid capital expenses for facilities, automation, and systems; and concentrate on marketing and merchandising rather than managing fulfillment.

Using 3PL services is not for every company. The relationship you’re seeking is not just a service but more importantly, a partnership. In our consulting, we have clients that are long-term users of 3PL as well as firms that are 3PL providers.

F. Curtis Barry & Company has just published 11 Indicators to Keeping 3PL Service High. When problems are severe obviously the first course of action is to resolve the issues before deciding to leave the 3PL.


F. Curits Barry & Company

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